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Over 40% of all Rosemead resident personal income, as is the case for all American citizens and residents, goes for taxes in various forms.  This includes taxes passed on indirectly by businesses.  These monies pay for services at four levels of government - Federal, State, County of Los Angeles and City of Rosemead. There are also various independent governmental agencies.  In addition various not-for-profit organizations address specific needs.  The  subject directory below is designed to familiarize Rosemead residents with available resources on the topics indicated.

Of particular interest for in-depth research are the "FirstGov" links, part of the online  reference resource that is maintained by the Federal government.  These links lead to both immediate informational and in many cases historical data on the topics covered.

11/24/05 - Note: This page is still under construction with only the links in blue presently active -- expect fuller activation at a later date.

Animal Control

      Adopt a Pet

      Humane Society


Business Development and Regulation

      California State Business Online Resources

      County Bids and RFPs

      Doing Business with County of Los Angeles

      Los Angeles County Resources for Employers


CalWorks - see GAIN


Chamber of Commerce - see "Organizations" page on this website


Children's and Parental Services

      Baby Abandonment

      California State Parent Online Resources

      Missing Children


      Pregnancy Help Center

      Protecting Our Kids

      Sex Offender Locations


Consumer Information and Protection Services

      California State Consumer Online Resources

      Consumer Guides and Protection (Federal - FirstGov Index)
Consumer News Alerts

      Energy Conservation Tips


      Investors Information

      L.A. County Fraud Hotline

      Store Overcharging


Disaster Services


        County - see GAIN

            Emergency Preparedness

            Terrorism Information

        Federal - see FEMA

        Red Cross



Employment and Job-Related Services

      (See also FirstGov Topical Index under Federal Government)

      County Job Opportunities

      Employment Development Department (State)


Federal Government

        FirstGov Website and Cross Agency Portal Index

        FirstGov Alphabetical Federal and State Agency Index

        FirstGov Topical Index General Headings

             Benefits and Grants (Federal - FirstGov Index)
                Loans, money, funding, financial aid...

             Defense and International (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Military, international affairs, trade, embassies, visas, immigration...

             Environment, Energy and Agriculture (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Farms, food production, natural resources, conservation, weather...

             Family, Home and Community (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Housing, human services, community development...

             History, Arts and Culture (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Museums, libraries, genealogy, ethnic traditions...

             Jobs and Education (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Employment, career, labor law, workplace safety, education online, schools, students, teachers...

             Money and Taxes (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Unclaimed government money, credit, saving, retirement...

             Public Safety and Law (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Crime, prison, law enforcement, disasters, emergencies...

             Reference and General Government (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Acronyms, directories, data, forms, photos, laws, libraries, news, publications, regulations...

             Science and Technology (Federal - FirstGov Index)
             Space, biology, engineering, phone service, radio, computers, Internet service, patents...


FEMA - SEE "Disaster Services"


Food related services

       (See also FirstGov Topical Index under Federal Government)

       County Food and Nutrition Service

       Food Bank

       Food Stamps -- see GAIN

       Health Inspection

       Restaurant Closure List

       Restaurant Ratings


GAIN (Greater Avenues for Independence) - Region III (L A Dept of Social Services)

       CalWorks Program

       Disaster Services Program

       Food Stamps and Assistance (USDA/CFAP)

       Medi-cal Program


Health Services - General

      Independent Living Prgm

      Center for Disease Control

      Low-Cost Health Care Guide - Los Angeles County

      Seniors/Disabled Services

      Health and Nutrition (Federal - FirstGov Index)


Health Services - Mental

      Mental Health Services

      Ingleside Hospital

      Pacific Clinic - Asian Pacific Center


Health Services - Substance Abuse

      American Asian Pacific Ministries    



Los Angeles County Services Online

       Birth/Death/Marriage Info
       Board of Supervisors Correspondence
       Board of Supervisors Transcripts

(this listing slated to become a separate page in the future)

               Arts Commission

               Assessment Appeals Board

               Beach Commission

               Business License Commission

               Children and Adult Services Information Systems Advisory Body  (CASISAB)

               Citizens Economy and Efficiency Commission

               Civil Service Commission -County

               Claims Boards

               Commission on HIV

               Commission for Women

               Community Development Commission/Housing Authority

               County of Los Angeles Review Panel

               Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee

               Design Control Board (Department of Beaches and Harbors)

               Emergency Preparedness Commission for the County and Cities of Los Angeles (EPC)

               Employee Relations Commission

               First 5 LA

               Fish and Game Commission

               Grand Avenue Committee

               Grand Jury

               Human Relations Commission

               Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (ICAN)

               Interagency Gang Task Force

               Local Agency Formation Commission

               Los Angeles County Management Council

               Los Angeles Universal Preschool Board

               Public Social Services (Commission for)

               Quality & Productivity Commission

               Retired Employees of Los Angeles County

               Small Craft Harbor Commission

               Solid Waste Management Committee/Integrated Waste Management Task Force

               Sunshine Canyon Landfill Community Advisory Committee

               Workforce Investment Board

      Coroner's Merchandise

      County Merchandise

      County Strategic Plan

      Criminal Defendant Index

      Traffic Ticket Information

      Uncashed County Checks


Medi-Cal --- see GAIN


Parks and Recreation Department


Police Dept. - see Sheriff's Dept


Post Office


Recreation Department


Red Cross


Rosemead City Hall 8838 E Valley Blvd Rosemead 91770 626/569-2100 7:00 am-6:00 pm Mo-Th

     Business Licenses

     Construction Permits

     Dog Licenses

     Graffiti Removal

     Neighborhood Watch

     Planning Commission

     Traffic Commission

     Voter Registration

     Yard Sale Permits


     (Note: Animal Control, Fire Services, Health Services, Library Services, Police Services,

      Public Works and Utility Services are not direct city functions; the Rosemead

      Parks and Recreation Department is not located in City Hall.  Information

      concerning these areas will be found under separate headings.)


Senior Services - see desired category topic heading:

      Education and Recreation page

      Food Related Services

      Health Services

      Social Security

      Transportation Services


Sheriff's Dept. - 626/285-7171


Social Security



       (See also FirstGov Topical Index under Federal Government)

       Federal Income


          Property Tax Overview

       State Income

       State Sales


Transportation Services


      Dial a Ride

      Green Valley Taxi


      Metropolitan Transit Authority

      Montebello City Lines

      Travel and Recreation (Federal - FirstGov Index)


      Cable TV



      Public Works (Roads and sewers)






      Voting and Elections  (Federal FirstGov Index)
      Voting Registration. - See Rosemead


Welfare-to-work programs

      Pacific Clinic - Asian Pacific Center


WIA (Workforce Improvement Act) Programs