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Rosemead Kiwanis, the Cal-Neva-Ha District of Kiwanis International, and Kiwanis International each have parallel philanthropic 501(c)(3) counterpart "Foundations." Each is qualified to receive tax deductible contributions.  Many other Kiwanis Clubs have foundations as well. All are financed by bequests and earnings from past fund raising efforts.  It is these Foundations which technically fund, frequently in concert with others,   our supported K-Family Club groups and programs.


Club dues and receipts, including "happy dollar" amounts and fines, paid by Rosemead Kiwanis members go for administrative costs of the Rosemead Kiwanis Club, including meals, International and District dues, Division assessments, insurance, and supplies. Monies from fundraising activities and donations go to the appropriate Foundation.


The budgets and assets of the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation and Rosemead Kiwanis Club are totally separate, but both are administered by the Rosemead Kiwanis Board of Directors.  Due to past bequests received and subsequent prudent investment results, Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation grants are presently able to be financed from earnings rather than corpus.




Donations, as well as bequest information requests and other inquiries, relative to the Rosemead Kiwanis  Foundation (RKF), may be addressed to:



                                                          Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation

                                                          Box 832

                                                          Rosemead, CA, 91770





Grant applications, which may include application for non-monetary assistance as well, may be made from the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation by securing the sponsorship assistance of any Rosemead Kiwanian and  completing of a grant application,


DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: Unless otherwise specifically requested, the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation can and shall at its discretion involve as appropriate other K-Family and K-network groups in responding to requests.  This involvement may involve disclosure in RKC publications of any and all information on the application as well as actions of the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation relative thereto.


A .pdf format copy of the Rosemead Kiwanis Foundation Assistance application, which also includes guidance as to types and amounts of available grants, may be downloaded by clicking here. Use of this application requires the co-operation of at least one sponsoring Rosemead Kiwanian.  It should be turned in to the Foundation by the sponsoring Kiwanian. Applications for grants from the Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation, Kiwanis International Foundation and other Kiwanis Club Foundations must be made according to procedures of those groups.