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K-Kids Clubs began in 1990 as a State project in Florida, whose Governor was supportive of Kiwanian involvement at the elementary school level.  It soon spread to other states and became an official part of the Kiwanis family. targeted at elementary age children, in 1998.  Today there are over 500 K-Kids Clubs in at least thirteen countries.


K-Kids share the original "We Build" motto of Kiwanis and include the following objectives:

Present Rosemead Kiwanis financial and manpower resources have limited implementation of the K-Kids program in our service area to support of the B.U.G. (Bringing Up Grades) program.  However, as resources improve and permit, we hope to see greater development in this direction, most likely in association with other youth-oriented interest groups such as the Boy Scouts of America.


Interested parties may view more on this area of Kiwanis at the K-Kids main website: