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Builders Clubs are the Intermediate (Junior High) School affiliate of Kiwanis.  They began in 1975 and today serve as a bridge between the elementary school level K-Kids and senior high school KEY Clubs in the Kiwanis movement. There are presently over 2,000 Builder's Clubs with 40,000 members worldwide.  Although usually affiliated with a specific public or private school there are also community based Builder's Clubs sponsored by churches, libraries, YMCA  groups, and/or lodges in conjunction with local Kiwanis Clubs.


Builders Clubs typically participate in service projects in conjunction with local Kiwanis, Key and Circle K Kiwanis affiliates, although they can operate on their own. 


Some typical projects for Rosemead clubs include/have included:

Rosemead Kiwanis presently sponsors a Builders Club at Muscatel Intermediate School, part of the Rosemead School District., plus Garvey and Temple Intermediate schools in Rosemead, both part of the Garvey School District.

Further information about Builder's Clubs can be found on their main website