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Aktion (pronounced Ack-shun) Clubs are Kiwanis Service Clubs specifically for adults who live with disabilities.  They focus on enabling their members to develop and apply their potentials rather than just being clients of social service agencies, participate in social and recreational opportunities, and contribute in service to the larger community.  They began as a Kiwanis project in Florida in the late 1980's and became an official member of the Kiwanis movement in 2000.  For further information about Aktion Clubs interested parties can visit their website at


Rosemead Kiwanis has had a long-term ongoing relationship with the Lincoln Training Center (see article in the October, 2005, issue of the RKC Newsletter*).  We worked with other area Kiwanis clubs to co-sponsor an Aktion chapter in connection with the Center in the first decade of the 21st Century. Unfortunately the effort floundered due to the departure of key individuals.  Presently the charter still exists but the Club is inactive.


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