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Very early in Kiwanis history the United States was divided into Kiwanis Districts, followed shortly thereafter by further division into Zones.  In 1925 the Zones within the Districts were reshuffled into Divisions.  The Divisions have over the years been split (and occasionally consolidated) to reflect population growth, but the pattern has remained constant.  It has also been emulated by certain Kiwanis affiliates, in particular the KEY/KIWIN Clubs..


Our Club is part of Division 10 of the Cal-Nev-Ha District.  The latter term was adopted in 1951 to reflect new inclusion of the then territory of Hawaii before it became a state, plus the states of California and Nevada.  The District has its own website, located at  There is also an unofficial site dedicated to the Cal-Nev-Ha District Divisions located at


The Cal-Nev-Ha District has its own associated Foundation which helps co-fund various local Club projects.  Examples of this are matching grants to facilitate participation in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) sports camps and the CIP (Carseat Inspection Program). In addition the Foundation has specific projects of its own, of which current projects include a joint $186,000 2005-2996 venture with Loma Linda called PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program)  and Hope 4 Kids, which works with local Kiwanis clubs to give short term assistance to families who might otherwise be homeless.


The District also has a joint bi-monthly publication, the Cal-Nev-Ha Magazine, which chronicles major projects of each Division. According to Nov-Dec 2005 issue the statistics for the District as of August 2005 were:


                     Type Club                              Number                 Membership


                        Kiwanis                                   538                        18,016


                        Circle K                                    46                           1,109


                        Key Club                                623                         35,932


                        Keywins                                   49                           2,772


                        Builders                                  142                           3,207


                        K-Kids                                      67                           2.377


                        Aktion                                       10                              161    


                           Total                                  1,480                        63,574



As impressive as the above list appears the District is striving for an annual 8% growth rate due to the great need for Kiwanian assistance in a multitude of areas.  The goal is to double the number of clubs and members by 2015.