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          Serving the Children of the World



The Rosemead Kiwanis Club endorses and supports the multi-year Major Emphasis Program (MEP), begun by the Kiwanis International Board in 1990, called "Young

Children: Priority One."


This initiative is intended to encourage addressing of needs of children from prenatal development to age 5. Our club facilitates this initiative by making free literature, such as the brochures listed elsewhere on this site, available in downloadable .pdf format for use by interested organizations and individuals..


We are also able to selectively offer outlines for educational programs on a variety of themes using materials prepared by Kiwanis International.  These programs are meant to be used on a co-sponsorship basis by a Kiwanis-connected Club and interested religious and civic groups. 


In some cases we may be able to assist in arranging speakers. 


The following topic outlines are presently available (note that many are meant to be used in conjunction with the brochures referenced above) - click on links to view the entire .pdf file:


[NOTE:  With high speed Internet connections download should be about a minute; for those with dial-up connections it may take 8-10 minutes.]


Alcohol Awareness for Pregnant Women           Home Safety Project


Baby Shaking Syndrome                                    Immunization Project


Brain Development in Infants                              Lead Poisoning Prevention


Burn Prevention                                                  Parenting Education


Child Abuse Prevention                                       Parents Anonymous


Dolls for Hospitals Project                                   Playground Safety


Field Trip Project                                                 Smoking Mom Awareness


Fire Prevention/Smoke Detectors                        Trauma Prevention


                                                                               Visitation Programs