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As part of its "Children Priority One" program Kiwanis International has produced a number of informational pamphlets on various pre-natal and infancy related topics.


Rosemead Kiwanis is pleased to offer these pamphlets online for download in .pdf format. They may be freely replicated in connection with individual information, group discussions, in-office literature stands etc.


We welcome volunteers willing to assemble information on other resources on these topics, as well as persons interested in speaking and making presentations related to them.  Kiwanis International has available a number of related project outlines on these and other topics listed elsewhere on this site.


The following is a summary listing of currently available brochure topics - click on link for the .pdf version:


    Alcohol                     Childhood Diseases            Lead Poisoning            Vaccination

    Baby Brain               Fire Prevention                   Smoking Moms             Water Safety

    Baby Shaking           Fire Safety