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Rosemead is served by three intermediate level, or 'middle' schools: Muscatel, Garvey and Temple.  Muscatel is part of the Rosemead School District, while Garvey and Temple are part of the Garvey School District. Muscatel has long had a very effective after-school program with Rosemead Kiwanis involvement. In November 2004, Rosemead Kiwanis entered into a three-year agreement with the Garvey School District to provide seed-money and coordinate an after-school program at Garvey and Temple Intermediate Schools.


As a result of this initiative the three middle schools in Rosemead had after-school programs, and they are coordinating their efforts. Rosemead Kiwanis efforts have been beneficial to not only to the students involved in the after-school activities, but  carried over to regular classroom studies and to the business and residential community.


Opportunities at the Elementary School level became possible with the availability of Proposition 139 funds in 2007. This led to a working relationship with he Woodcraft Rangers in the Garvey District and a similar program in the Rosemead District. Still, as Kiwanian Frank Dinoto observed in 2007, "for continued success of this program, added involvement by the business community and parents is essential."


Dinoto's observations are backed up by the realities of education financing.  The "No Child Left Behind" program adopted by Congress in 2001 envisioned after school programs and local accountability to insure quality in American education. But realities of deficits spurred by spending for the war on terror has frozen previously projected and authorized funding increases for this program for two straight years.  As result the after school needs of only 10% of the estimated 15 million children eligible for these programs is actually being addressed.


California, already near the bottom in per student education funding, is one of 26 states that was unable last year to authorize any new after school projects.  Faced with its own deficit problems caused by the restrictions of Proposition 13, the burden of servicing massive bond obligations and the costs of providing services to illegal aliens the states Governor reneged on a promised payback of $2 billion taken from the prior year's budget because the money simply wasn't there.


Cut off by law from additional local taxing capability and dependent upon funding from financially strapped Federal and State sources volunteerism and grants from private sources are the only viable practical solution. Rosemead Kiwanis, part of a family of organizations committed to change "one child and one community at a time," has taken on this challenge.  We have made, as the report below indicates, significant progress -- but Dinoto is correct: more business and parental involvement is essential.

           2005 After School Overview

The persons supervising the after-school activities at the three intermediate schools are:

o  Kreg Asplund, Muscatel,    o  Charlie Corum, Temple,       o   Sean Green, Garvey,

Some of the accomplishments during the first year of operation included:



For about ten years, Rosemead Kiwanis has sponsored the Muscatel Builders Club, a Kiwanis-family affiliated youth group whose members are dedicated to service of the school and the community. Strategically it is linked to the Rosemead Kiwanis sponsored Rosemead High School Key Club. Rosemead Kiwanis also sponsors an annual two-day educational and fun snow camp for Muscatel Builders Club members.


During the past year, Temple and Muscatel formed new Builders Clubs, totaling more than 100 members. These new clubs were sponsored by the San Gabriel Kiwanis and San Gabriel Key Clubs since most of the Temple and Garvey students attend San Gabriel High School and not Rosemead or Gabrieliano High Schools.  Having Builders Club involvement on all three campuses helps facilitate the Rosemead Kiwanis facilitated after school programs.


BASIC 2004-2005 PROGRAM:












As part of the three year commitment to the Garvey District, and with a view to our historic relation ship with Muscatel, Rosemead Kiwanis is pursuing the following after-school program enhancements for the 2005-2006 year:







Development efforts are underway during 2005-2006 to develop a food services ROP program at Rosemead High School plus possible after school programs for several elementary schools in Rosemead. The latter will hopefully operate in parallel with the RIF (Reading is Fundamental) programs in the affected schools. Progress on these projects will definitely be keyed to availability of additional volunteer resources.